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Helipcopter Librarians. August 30, 2012

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This article has prompted some fairly intense comments and feedback.
While I think the idea of having students text in the middle of the night for research help, is completely ridiculous, and I will NEVER wear a pirate costume, there were parts of this article that spoke to me.
Some teenagers do feel naturally comfortable in a library setting and make full use of the all the resources, staff included.
Others though, are more tentative- they may not have an established reading or library culture in their home lives, so embedding libraries into their lives is not something they’ve seen role modelled.
And, we probably all know of a scarey librarian or two throughout our teen years that could have put us off libraries for good, I certainly do!
I think there is a place for a mild to moderate dose of Helicopter Librarian-ing, in the lives of some of our students “This is a holistic approach to a human interaction based on individuality and genuine compassion”

I’d take a leaf out of Celia Lashie’s book: He’ll be OK, and say that at some stage “we (librarians) have to get off the bridge”, and let them walk on their own.
As long as they (the students) know we’re there for them- to refer back to and ask for supprt, I think we can say we’ve done a good job.

Thinking about the costume idea again , I did read that Batgirl was a Librarian!


Picking the right tool for keeping current in a digital world.

If you can, find the time to look over this fantastic offering from our Teacher Librarian neighbours across in Australia.
It’s a treasure trove of links and inspiration.
Well done OZTLNet 🙂
Following them on Twitter is an option too – @OZTLNet and also on FaceBook as a page not a group – Australian Teacher Librarian Network.
Judy O’Connell’s description of a page is very clear “The great thing about our Facebook Page is that once you ‘like’ it, you don’t have to worry about it anymore – just see the feed in your own ‘news feed’ and reply or like right there on your computer or your iphone. Being open, but not a group, you don’t have to be a “friend”.”
I’m dipping my toe tentatively into the world of professional use of Facebook and opened librarypaula last week.
It’s my attempt to continually feed my school community and other followers information snippets, websites, apps, books tips and tricks that I think will help them with their current school work and at the same time increase awareness of how the school library and ALL libraries and librarians are indispensable!
Stepping down from my soap box now ….


Great sites using different platforms. June 28, 2012

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The combination of a mention of Joyce Valenza and the byline drew me into this link of School Library websites and gosh it was well worth the click!
So many ideas to ponder and puruse, with great ideas for bookweeks, library promotions and starting discussions with teachers about how they could use their school library in different ways.
The page was currated by Jan Radford who has plenty of other wee gems available for use too.


Ignition the unconference April 16, 2012

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Today, “Ignition” the unconference hosted at Albany Senior High School, Auckland began.
Within seconds of arriving that “oh yes” moment washed over me and the day evolved into awesomeness on top of more awesomeness.
The over arching message that “the answers are in the room” has set the theme for our 2 days.
The unconference format is amazing to be part of, and really inspires participation, contribution and dialogue galore.
The icebreaker world cafe, sessions titled one thing I’m having fun with, What will School Libraries look like in 2022? and eight 5 minute Ignite talks have truly inspired me.
It’s wonderful to catch up with two other 2012 efellows too!
I can’t wait for tomorrow.
#ignition2012 and FB Emerging Leaders Symposium if you want to check out what’s going on.


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