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eFellowship review from the 2012 Famous Five. August 29, 2012

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I must admit to opening the eFellows 2012 Review like I watch gruesome horror movies; eyes half closed and hands over face!
There’s something incredibly uncomfortable about watching and hearing oneself online.
Anyway, ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ as this was part of the deal of being an eFellow!

Last Friday the 2012 eFellows were interviewed about our year; one piece of advice for future eFellows, and a best takeaway for us personally.
The clip attached was the well edited version of what we said.
DK and Emma, you’re magicans 🙂


Ignition the unconference April 16, 2012

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Today, “Ignition” the unconference hosted at Albany Senior High School, Auckland began.
Within seconds of arriving that “oh yes” moment washed over me and the day evolved into awesomeness on top of more awesomeness.
The over arching message that “the answers are in the room” has set the theme for our 2 days.
The unconference format is amazing to be part of, and really inspires participation, contribution and dialogue galore.
The icebreaker world cafe, sessions titled one thing I’m having fun with, What will School Libraries look like in 2022? and eight 5 minute Ignite talks have truly inspired me.
It’s wonderful to catch up with two other 2012 efellows too!
I can’t wait for tomorrow.
#ignition2012 and FB Emerging Leaders Symposium if you want to check out what’s going on.


Geek 2.0 October 28, 2011

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I love learning new stuff and how to get more from my gadgets, and tonight I’ve had a massive hit of success!
Our school is buzzing with BYOD talk and elearning.
Lots of teachers, and one librarian (!) talking about what device is best, what apps, what’s the best approach and lots of differing opinions, as you’d expect.
Amongst our talking I was shown the fabulous feature of the iphone4; that it can be made into a personal hotspot.
Green with envy, I was gutted that it’s apparently only a iphone4 feature, sadly I’m still on a 3.
So, tonight when I discovered that indeed my nearly retro iphone3 is actually a personal hotspot and I then get my laptop and phone talking to give me the world wide web away from my completely retro fixed internet connection, I really feel like I’ve won first prize!!!
(Check: Settings >Personal Hotspot is under WiFi, select and turn to ON.I’m connecting through a USB to my laptop. It’s not superfast, but it’s fantastic for what I want tonight!)
After much discussion and lots of playing I’ve recently chosen an iPad2 for our school library, to add to the very small but growing “sandpit” of toys we can involve in the students teaching and learning as we push on as a school with encouraging the development of any elearning environment.
Lake Tuggrenong College in Canberra so kindly donated money to Riccarton High School after the February earthquake. Their teacher librarian, ex Christchurch Kiwi Janice Wilson, organised an Easter egg hunt and sausage sizzle. Lake Tug also has a Joint-Use library and we’ve worked together over the last 7 years.
The donated money paid for much of our new ipad!Thanks so much Janice xxxxx
After being the lucky receipent of the Hydstore Development Fund and sponsored by LIANZA Aoraki to attend uLearn 11 in Rotorua last week, one of the conclusions I came to from those amazing 3 days that – everyone can lead change,you don’t need a label or title, or to be a certain age or certain anything.
You need a good dose of belief in yourself and what you want to achieve and why.If it doesn’t work hey, lets do it differently next time and think about what we learnt and try again.
Keynote speakers Simon Breakspear and Tony Ryan were inspirational, as was Paula Jamieson who delivered the App Harvest session, and it’s awesome to have them in my PLN through Twitter at least.
For me, uLearn delivered the rev-up I needed to share more through this blog while developing my skills along the way.
Thanks LIANZA for the support and encouragement.


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