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Amazing free PD happening NOW! October 5, 2012

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A very quick post that will be followed up in the near future…
Library 2.012 is a 3 day worldwide library conference happening NOW, for the next 7 hours.
I’ve been in “rooms” with Joyce Valenza, The Daring Librarian and many other library superheroes!
I had to force myself to disconnect at 1am this morning, it’s just one amazing session after another!
Can’t recommend it highly enough.
Right, back to the session on Educamps 🙂


Being bold September 17, 2012

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This year’s LIANZA conference is less that a week away from kicking off.
Palmerston North is conference HQ and the theme is Ipukarea – Sustain, Celebrate and Transform. The lineup of speakers that appeal to those of us working in the education sector is the best I’ve seen for years.
My must see people include DK – from Core Education, Meridith Farkas – author of “Social Software in Libraries: Building Collaboration, Communication and Community Online” and Karen Schneider – University Librarian at Holy Names University in Oakland, California and author of the blog The Free Range Librarian.
Karen’s most recent post; Hatchett job, and other pre-Lianza musings really spoke to me, and I found myself reading slower, re-reading and really reflecting on her well chosen words.She prefaced her blog post with the theme Be Bold, which sits very well with me this term. I even took some quotes!
“I remember being told, ages ago, that 85% of information transfer among scientists is informal, and I’d be willing to agree that applied to library leadership, as well. Many a library leader germinated leadership skills, ideas, and powerful connections within the world of professional organizations. Look at the truly significant thought leaders, and most cut their teeth through organizational participation.” is one that really spoke to me.
I’m hoping to make an opportunity to chat with Karen at conference as Aoraki LIANZA have co-sponsored her.I’ll get to be part of her introduction or facilitate the panel of questions after her presentation.
Very exciting stuff!
And, throughout the conference I intend make the most of the potential information transfer that the networking and presentations offer.
It’s been a three years since I last went to a LIANZA conference. I’m incredibly grateful to Aoraki LIANZA for the financial support they’ve given me to attend conference, thank you team 🙂


Helipcopter Librarians. August 30, 2012

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This article has prompted some fairly intense comments and feedback.
While I think the idea of having students text in the middle of the night for research help, is completely ridiculous, and I will NEVER wear a pirate costume, there were parts of this article that spoke to me.
Some teenagers do feel naturally comfortable in a library setting and make full use of the all the resources, staff included.
Others though, are more tentative- they may not have an established reading or library culture in their home lives, so embedding libraries into their lives is not something they’ve seen role modelled.
And, we probably all know of a scarey librarian or two throughout our teen years that could have put us off libraries for good, I certainly do!
I think there is a place for a mild to moderate dose of Helicopter Librarian-ing, in the lives of some of our students “This is a holistic approach to a human interaction based on individuality and genuine compassion”

I’d take a leaf out of Celia Lashie’s book: He’ll be OK, and say that at some stage “we (librarians) have to get off the bridge”, and let them walk on their own.
As long as they (the students) know we’re there for them- to refer back to and ask for supprt, I think we can say we’ve done a good job.

Thinking about the costume idea again , I did read that Batgirl was a Librarian!


Picking the right tool for keeping current in a digital world.

If you can, find the time to look over this fantastic offering from our Teacher Librarian neighbours across in Australia.
It’s a treasure trove of links and inspiration.
Well done OZTLNet 🙂
Following them on Twitter is an option too – @OZTLNet and also on FaceBook as a page not a group – Australian Teacher Librarian Network.
Judy O’Connell’s description of a page is very clear “The great thing about our Facebook Page is that once you ‘like’ it, you don’t have to worry about it anymore – just see the feed in your own ‘news feed’ and reply or like right there on your computer or your iphone. Being open, but not a group, you don’t have to be a “friend”.”
I’m dipping my toe tentatively into the world of professional use of Facebook and opened librarypaula last week.
It’s my attempt to continually feed my school community and other followers information snippets, websites, apps, books tips and tricks that I think will help them with their current school work and at the same time increase awareness of how the school library and ALL libraries and librarians are indispensable!
Stepping down from my soap box now ….


There’s an APP for that! August 2, 2012

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After a period of hibernation I return to my blog, all my best made plans to blog over the school holidays disappeared under mountain of domesticity!

After attending the Evidence Based Practice workshop delivered so beautifully by the delightful Ross Todd, I realise how far I have to go on this journey.
As Rome wasn’t built in a day, I’m starting with a little “parent education” about the possibilities and potential of Smart Phones and Mobile Devices in the library world.

This is a piece I’ve written today to be published in the Riccarton High School newletter.

How to do promote your services and new ideas to people within your extended communities?

(If you’ve not seen The Horizon Report or don’t have time for the full version checkout the shortlist.)

There’s an APP for that!
As SMART phones become cheaper and more accessible to more people, the app market continues to grow and explode with choice for us, the consumer.
In 2010 10.9 billion apps were downloaded globally with this number estimated to grow to 76.9 billion by 2014.
The Library and Information world is embracing this new portal for information delivery and access, by giving customers a way in to a library’s collection and limitless online information with apps for their products and services.
Combined with the anytime anywhere always connected possibilities of 3G and wireless networks, how society consumes information and knowledge is being transformed.

Each year The Horizon Report describes six areas of emerging technology that will have significant impact on higher education and creative expression over the next one to five years.
Although the Horizon Report is a US publication, New Zealand always follows closely with the international trends it predicts each year.
Mobile Apps are cited as an emerging technology with the time to adoption being one year or less.
Other areas of emerging technology for 2012 are:
Tablet Computing; Time to adoption: One Year or Less
Game-based Learning and Learning Analytics; Time to adoption: Two to Three Years
Gesture-based Computing and Internet of Things; Time to adoption: Four to Five Years

“Mobile apps are the fastest growing dimension of the mobile space in higher education right now, with impacts on virtually every aspect of informal life, and increasingly, every discipline in the university.
… Imbedded sensors, cameras, and GPS have proved to be a feature set with hundreds of thousands of applications. Apps that take advantage of recent developments in these tools, along with advances in electronic publishing and the convergence of search technology and location awareness, make this category of software enormously interesting in the education context.
Higher education institutions are now designing apps tailored to educational and research needs across the curriculum.”

-Horizon Report

Christchurch City Libraries have recently released apps for both the iPhone and Android platforms.
These apps are packed full of features which give library customers the ability to search the library’s collection, with filters to zero-in on the titles you’re seeking.
Users can get the details of any title, anytime and anywhere including descriptions, community reviews and commentary. They can browse bestsellers and new materials, check a title’s availability and even map the locations where your title is available now.
And if the book, DVD, CD or magazine is not on the shelf right now, you can order what you’re wanting.
Plus, you can check library hours and locations and with Google maps, get directions from where you’re standing!

Our School Library service offers traditional library materials such as books and magazines to support students with their reading and research, in conjunction with apps, databases, and smart online searching strategies, to create a virtual tool kit blending paper and digital resources giving the school community a 21st Century library and information environment.
It’s never been a more exciting time to be part of the Library and Information community!
We’re embracing apps and the devices that run them in the ever evolving digital world and loving the challenge. IPods and Smart phones give us a fantastic way to engage with students, as we ask about the games they’re playing or the apps they’ve discovered and are using.
We encourage students to use their phones and mobile devices as learning and organizational tools;
take a photo of your timetable, store your Library Card number in your contacts, use mind mapping and note taking apps so precious information is stored in one place.
We all know that teenagers are very rarely without their phones so this information travels with them.
If you’re new to the app world check out the Featured App on Apple’s App Store or Staff Picks in Google Play if you’re an Android user.
The Library has plenty of books and magazines to keep you current too, and in our library here at school, there’s free wireless for you to download new apps too!
If you’re a Twitter user, #apps provides plenty of current app suggestions, and if you’re visiting the library many of us librarians are closet, and not so closet app geeks and we love sharing our latest finds!


Great sites using different platforms. June 28, 2012

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The combination of a mention of Joyce Valenza and the byline drew me into this link of School Library websites and gosh it was well worth the click!
So many ideas to ponder and puruse, with great ideas for bookweeks, library promotions and starting discussions with teachers about how they could use their school library in different ways.
The page was currated by Jan Radford who has plenty of other wee gems available for use too.


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