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The hiatus is over! October 7, 2015

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ULearn 2015 is rocking Auckland this week.  Close to 2,000 educators from across Aotearoa and beyond have taken over SkyCity, Crown Plaza, street corners, cafes, bars, restaurants ….


CC0 Public Domain

Don’t try for coffee at any of the local caffeine spots if we’re on a break … you’ll either drown in the frenzied eduspeak or die from the wait!

Follow the fantastic tweets #ULearn15 to feel like you’re in the room.

Big shout out to Nathaniel Louwrens @nlouwrens & Alex de Long @araiporo22  for their inspiring Professional Blogging for Beginners workshop, which has woken my blog up from a rather long sleep ….

Watch this space for more, soon!


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