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Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow For Education Technology May 27, 2012

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2012 is evolving into the year of the Personal Learning Network for me.
The more I delve into PLN superstar Twitter, the more I wonder how did I kept current with the seemingly endless changes in educational technology,current thinking and best practice examples happening around the world as well as what’s new in the teenage literature field too.
This tweet connected me with some superstars in the education tweet-esphere, but there are plenty of inspirational NZ’ers tweeting cutting edge stuff too.

Top 10 Twitter Accounts to Follow For Education Technology.

I love that I can choose when I dip into Twitter, if I want to share something, reTweet someone else’s post, read it on my phone or, just give it a rest for a few days.
If you’re new to Twitter, checkout the people I follow you need some ideas of who you could follow too- @librarypaula.


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