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Paula’s Playing with Pinterest May 26, 2012

Filed under: Collaboration,eLearning — librarypaula @ 7:11 am

I’ve spent many hours over the last two days geeking out with fellow efellows.
It’s just fantastic to now be following through and dealing to a couple of the things on my massive to-do list from the second Masterclass which has just finished at Core Education HQ.
Pinterest was one of those things.

Apart from it being compulsory to use a Facebook or Twitter login, I’m enjoying my new Pinterest playground, and merrily pinning away!

This poster is one wee treat I’ve discovered in my first explore; I don’t think it only applies to Art Departments, although some of the Art teachers I know do make very good rebel role models:)
(names not supplied to protect identities …. You all know who you are x)

Thanks Rachel Boyd for your patience showing me the Pinterest ropes!


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