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Core eFellowship Masterclass 2 May 24, 2012

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Well, the eFellow Five are back together at Core HQ in Christchurch for Day One of our second Masterclass and YES, the magic is still there and some!
With so much happening in our professional live’s it took all of the two hours allotted for catching up and sharing new insights and professional learning!
Then, after a yummy lunch at The Honey Pot, now living in Sydenham and it was off to check out the
South Library & Learning Centre.We witnessed fantastic resource creation for Matariki by the SLC team!
Eric Woods from Imaginality nearly overwhelmed us with his augmented reality software and various ‘paddles’… Amazing technology which they are wanting to show to interested educators, in exchange for free software!!
It’s now evening and we’ve just eaten again!
Yes, eFellows share a lot over food 🙂
As I write this blog post we’re listening to Dorothy Burt from Point England School in Auckland, via Elluminate, sharing their Manaiakalini Project
What an amazing day and night, nearly time for a peppermint tea m’thinks 🙂



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