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Collaborations and partnerships May 17, 2012

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We get so much professional reading delivered to us electronically, that it’s easy to miss the wee gems.
This is a great post from National Library NZ.
As a School Librarian this really spoke to me, especially this section:
Library staff expertise and services are fully utilised when:

•Library staff grow a deeper professional knowledge and understanding of the curriculum, what is important to teachers and how best to support learning.
•The services of the library as a learning hub are promoted extensively with each collaboration and are extended in depth and quality.
•Library staff demonstrate leadership in the use of technology, information skills and problem solving.
•Opportunities arise for library staff to develop, extend and implement new skills in, for example, instructional design, team teaching and assessment.
•The role and perception of the library staff as essential partners in the teaching team and “knowledgeable ally” is strengthened. (Frazier)

Make a cuppa and allow yourself time to read this 🙂
It’s great material to share with Principals and B.O.T’s too.

Collaborations and partnerships.


2 Responses to “Collaborations and partnerships”

  1. Great post – I wonder how many teachers really use the skills of their librarians to the full?

  2. Spot on- just enjoyed taking an online guided inquiry session with a class. We are the bridge and need to advocate!

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