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Information is Food – TED Talk. May 9, 2012

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Following TED talks is a great way to be exposed to creative thinking and ideas, and another “gift” in a Librarian’s PLN.
Signing up and having them delivered to your inbox is just brilliant.

Information is food was one of the offerings in my inbox today …. And it was 8 minutes well spent 

This really got me thinking
“If you thought about the information you consumed, like you do about the food you consume, what would you do differently?” – J.P.Rangaswami.


3 Responses to “Information is Food – TED Talk.”

  1. Thanks Paula for this post – I love the video. I have added it as a comment to my piece on Data Engagement on the CORE blog:

  2. Laura Henderson Says:

    Thanks for this Paula – food for thought! Will use with my literacy classes.

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