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Bringing the outside world into our School Library… Part One. April 27, 2012


Local Artist and Historian Jared Davidson Image

After visiting Albany Senior High last week and seeing their learning spaces, I’ve been inspired to look at our spaces in a different way.
Today with not one but two visitors coming to talk to our students in the library it was “now or never” for a bit of change!
Feedback from  presentors, students and teachers was nothing but positive.

Even the word “fun” came up, so  that was a definite bonus.

Riccarton High School students, Year 12 & 13 Art Design students explored the Celebrate People History exhibiton at the Upper Riccarton School and Commuity Library after a brilliant and very chilled out talk by Jared Davidson.
“Since 1998 the Celebrate People’s History Project has produced an amazing array of political posters by different artists from around the world, each highlighting a historical example of struggle for human rights, social justice, and freedom. From the Spanish Revolution to feminist labour organisers, indigenous movements to environmental sustainability, protests against racism to the Korean Peasant’s League — Celebrate People’s History canvases global movements in collaboration with a global network of artists.

Visually the posters are as diverse as the topics themselves. Screenprint, woodcut, linocut, illustration, line art and traditional graphic design all feature in full colour — employed to engage in much needed critical reflection about aspects of our history often overlooked by mainstream narratives. A seamless welding of art and social themes”

Our Design students are just starting a Poster Design unit, so the timing of this exhibiton couldn’t have been more perfect.
Thanks heaps to Sam L, Community Learning Librarian at Upper Riccarton School and Community Library for making this exhibiton happen and Ms Blackwell for making it happen for RHS.
It’s just amazing what can be achieved in a Joint-Use School/Community Library!
The display runs until May 14th, come in and say hi if you do come to see it 🙂



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