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Ignition the unconference April 16, 2012

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Today, “Ignition” the unconference hosted at Albany Senior High School, Auckland began.
Within seconds of arriving that “oh yes” moment washed over me and the day evolved into awesomeness on top of more awesomeness.
The over arching message that “the answers are in the room” has set the theme for our 2 days.
The unconference format is amazing to be part of, and really inspires participation, contribution and dialogue galore.
The icebreaker world cafe, sessions titled one thing I’m having fun with, What will School Libraries look like in 2022? and eight 5 minute Ignite talks have truly inspired me.
It’s wonderful to catch up with two other 2012 efellows too!
I can’t wait for tomorrow.
#ignition2012 and FB Emerging Leaders Symposium if you want to check out what’s going on.


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