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Top 100 tools for learning in 2011. November 22, 2011

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There are a few people I follow who when they suggest a tool or site to look at, I do!
Judith Way, T/L from Melbourne is one of those people.
She wrote in her blog The Way Forward ” I always love seeing the results of the yearly voting to see if I’m vindicated in what I use and if there are some other tools I should be investigating. I’m pleased to see Twitter on top as it’s been invaluable to my professional learning”.
I couldn’t agree more.
Jane Hart’s slideshare presentation The Top 100 tools for learning in 2011 would be a fantastic professional development tool kit for teachers and librarians to work through …. before the 2012 list comes out….
Don’t worry, they’re not all new, you could be down to 98 already if you’ve used Youtube and Wikipedia!


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