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Back to basics July 25, 2010

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Sometimes the funkiest technology with the biggest woah factor can make little or no difference to a teenager who has so much going on in their world, and alot of it recirculating round and round in their own head.Getting back to basics and connecting them with a powerful book, which makes them feel less alone and more normal, can be a real gift.
I’ve recently finished two books which I read with my School Librarian hat on,initially they were should reads rather than want to reads, but that quickly changed.
Ask me to Dance by Maria Buhrukl is a brave, tender and honest account, in moving words and memorable images, of a young girl’s experience with pregnancy and her struggle to make a decision about abortion. Although a highly personal account, Buhrkuhl’s narrative also deals with the broader anxieties of adolescence and young adulthood: the need to fit in and be liked, aspirations for the future, leaving home, searching for a sense of self and belonging.It’s set in Rangiora, which gives it a very powerful reality check message to a reader located near by like we are here in Christchurch.Dinard Press, 2008
The Freedom Writers diary by The Freedom Writers : how a teacher and 150 teens used writing to change themselves and the world around them / the Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell ; foreword by Zlata Filipovic. I’ve added these to my shelfari bookshelf, my username is;Paula E Riccarton High School.


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